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The Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) is a major firearm, defence contractor, and military corporation headquartered in Wah Cantt, Punjab, Pakistan. It is "the largest defence industrial complex under the Ministry of Defence Production, producing conventional arms & ammo to international standards. POF Board headquarter is at Wah Cantt. Presently POF comprises of 14 ordnance factories and three commercial subsidiaries. Pakistan Ordnance Factories also manufacture commercial explosives, hunting ammunition and possess extensive facilities for the manufacture of brass, copper and aluminium ingots, extrusions and sections for non-military applications. A garments factory, which has state of the art cloth cutting facilities and modern stitching units, manufactures military uniforms and can also cater to the needs of the civil sector".

According to an article published for THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE in September 2011, a Girl student of The Sir Syed Girls High School in Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) was accused of blasphemy for a spelling error, some of the highlights below:

“Faryal Bhatti, a student at the Sir Syed Girls High School in Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) colony Havelian, erroneously misspelt a word in an Urdu exam while answering a question on a poem written in praise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The word in question was ‘laanat’ instead of ‘naat’ an easy error for a child to make, as the written versions of the words are similar.

According to the school administration and religious leaders who took great exception to the hapless student’s mistake, the error is ‘serious’ enough to fall within the realm of blasphemy, Saturday.

In the meanwhile, the news spread throughout the colony. The next day, male students of the POF colony school as well as certain religious elements took out a rally, demanding the registration of a criminal case against the eighth-grader and her expulsion from the area”


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Internee (Former Employee) says

"Good for internship for university students. A lot of opportunity to learn about machines and equipment with good and cheap mess facilities with flexible timings and good behavior of all staff.Cheap Lunchlong walks"

“CHARGEMAN” (Former Employee) says

"I have joined this organisation a largest arms factory with many kinds of systems, therefore seen almost all areas of how the heavy duty machines working techniques and ideasN/aNormal Duty"

Internship (Former Employee) says

"Assisted in the Metallurgical Laboratories for QA/QC. Demonstrated regarding the making of brass and the metal forming processes on brass. Familiar with the production of Small Arms Ammo and also Medium Arm Ammo."

That guy says

"Good selection i definitely like it"

john says

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Dave says

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Pamela says

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Battleaxe says

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Jimmy says

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